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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost?

While you can find a basic idea of our prices on our pricing page, keep in mind that to give you an exact quote we will need your specific event details. Our aim is to give you the best price possible so when you call for a quote, please let us know the date, time, locations of pick up and drop off, and the number of passengers you'd like to accommodate. This information will allow our agents to find the best price on the perfect vehicle for you!

Are we allowed to smoke on the vehicle?

Sorry but, absolutely not. Smoking on the vehicle will incur extra cleaning charges to you as is in your rental agreement! We don’t allow smoking in order for our vehicles to remain fresh and clean for all guests and our chauffeurs.

Can we drink on board?

Yes, providing that everybody is 21 years or older! There are even bars built right into the vehicle and coolers stocked with ice to keep your drinks cold all trip long, along with cupholders around your Southfield Party Bus rental for your convenience.

Do you provide alcohol?

No. Since we do not have a liquor license we are unable to provide you with alcohol. However, as long as you are of legal age you are permitted to drink on board so feel free to bring whatever beverage you'd like with you!

What is the latest I can rent until?

There is no limit! We operate 24/7 so no matter if you're event goes until 10pm, 2am, or 5am you can rent reliable transportation from us! We just ask that if you know you will be going much longer than you agreed to that you let us know well ahead of time.

Do you service outside of Michigan?

No, not at this time. Most party bus and limousine services are only licensed for the state they operate in, for a multi-state trip you will want to find a charter bus company. You won't get all the fun amenities we offer but they are licensed for other states.

Is a tip required?

A tip is not required, as it’s included in your price. However, we always encourage you to tip more if you’re able and your driver does a fantastic job. They certainly appreciate getting a nice tip for their service at the end of the night.

Are there bathrooms in the vehicles?

Unfortunately, we don’t have bathrooms on the vehicles. We find that it ends up smelling more like a porta-potty than a fresh party bus! However, our drivers are willing to accommodate your bathroom breaks by stopping any time you want.

What if my question isn't answered here?

If you have additional questions or if you'd like more details on any of the answers provided here, just give us a call or send us an email and one of our knowledgeable and friendly booking agents will be happy to help you anytime!

Have a question, want a custom free quote, or book your reservation. Call us today!